KSP Controller

October 20th, 2014


The coding turned out to be rather simple for the display. After getting a working product, I packed it up for the night. The next day, KSP no longer detected my controller. I had been playing around with the serial port on my Arduino with other code, so I might have messed it up there. I also tried using an Android app to write code on the go, but it caused problems when I put it into the Arduino program. Those combined may have done it in. However, I did get it working to some degree, so v0.6 is done. At this point, a few modifications have been made to the plan.

1. I will not be using resistors to form a menu. it takes up a lot of space, and does not work well with my Arduino clone. I will have have simple menu system using individual pins.

2. Precision mode will be added. Although it is not currently supported, it should be soon. This switch will replace the action group buttons. I think the keyboard keys work fine. I have a stage button already, so I don’t think I’ll need the others.

3. Five buttons connected to the Analog pins will be used for controlling the display as shown. This should make things easier. I can always go back later and save pins.


I’m quite proud of my mspaint skills…

My main objective is to get my code working again. I will post an update on how I got the plugin working again. v0.7 will be the menu system. As show in the photo, the five modes will be static buttons opposed to the menu system I originally wanted. I think it was getting a bit to complex, so this way it will be simpler. Once again, I can go back later once it’s working and try using resistors, as well as a menu system with a lot more modes.

October 15th, 2014

Alright, so I’ve been working heavily on an new Arduino project lately. It’s a custom controller for KSP. Here’s a rundown of what has happened so far:


Soldered the first prototype switch. When the switch is off, a red led is active. When the switch is on, a green led is active.


Switch Prototype


Rough Circuit Drawing



I drew up a few concepts and wired one up using the example code. I also decided and limited myself to what was going to be on the board. I decided:

  • 5 Switches (RCS, SAS, GEAR, LIGHT, BRAKES)
  • 1 Saftey Switch (ABORT)
  • 1 Green Button (STAGE)
  • 1 Black Button (Mode button for Display)
  • 4 Black Buttons (Action Groups 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • 1 16×2 LCD Display (Blue Backlight with White Text)
I cut some holes and fit the switches in.

I cut some holes and fit the switches in.


The plugin allows for outputting values to a display. I hooked up my never used 16×2 LCD Display and started learning all I could about the LiquidCyrstal libraries.

16x2 LCD

The 16×2 Display. I also have a green/black on the way.


Started looking into how you could get inputs to KSP. My original idea was to have the Arduino output keyboard values. Then I found Zitronen’s KSPIO plugin. I started reading the comments and working with the code and tutorials.


I was thinking that it would be fun to build an arcade stick for my PC, so I started research. I found KSP controllers, and decided to start on one.