Hello World, Version 2!


If you’ve visited my site previously, you may have noticed that it has been redesigned. I’ve taken advantage of the portfolio page,  to show my articles and projects. I found with all the posts being made, things got a bit cluttered, and it was hard  to find and keep track of projects. The home page has also gotten a facelift, and will soon feature a header, or maybe even an image gallery.

This section of my site will be my “Blog” for rants, not full articles and other things going on that don’t fit into the other areas.

If you come across broken links or weird text, don’t worry about it. The site will be fixed up soon!


Hello world.


I’ll be posting update for my various projects and contest entries on this blog/website thing here. Posting will depend on how much work I get done. More progress, more posts. If you’re interested in learning more about Arduino and the sorts, head over to Darcy Whyte’s website to get involved. There are two contests on at this time to enter.

// Kev